Before The New Year Enters

A few more hours and we’ll be entering 2008. And just like all other New Years, we won’t be able to tell what this year will bring. There’s uncertainty in every New Year that comes. Well for one, our New Year’s resolutions are certain.

Frankly, I’ve had so many New Year’s resolutions I didn’t carry out (imagine, so many New Year’s resolutions). Then again, they were just subliminal resolutions since I never really celebrate New Year events. The advantage of having a New Year’s resolution is the vision and mission of accomplishing a promise. It helps us pursue a goal, making the coming year a certain year of productivity. Just hope laziness and procrastination doesn’t get in the way of our goals which it usually does in my case.

So for a start, before the New Year enters, here’s my New Year’s resolution…

There’s so much to change in me. I’m unfortunately hard-headed, hot-headed, and lazy to mention a few. These traits have been great hindrances to my progress for the past 29 years. This year will be different. I need to rid myself of these negative behaviors. This is my New Year’s resolution, to be a good person this year. Shallow, but it’s better than none.

Approximately 18 hours before New Year’s Eve. It’s best I get started with my New Year’s resolution. Okay, so where do I start?

P.S. Finally, another (and, for this year, the last) entry after many months.

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