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My Weekend and “Day of Valor” Activities

Today is the Philippines’ Day of Valor or Araw ng Kagitingan as we Filipinos call it. Right at this moment I’m at home wondering what the world outside is doing. Obviously, I should be going outside in order to answer that question.

Meeting of the Bellies

Last Friday, June 16, my bestie Rommel Hachero had his birthday. Tomorrow, Sunday, June 25, together with another bestie Paulcy, we will have Rommel’s late birthday celebration meet-up. I’ve decided to bring the following “pulutan” or appetizers taken with alcohol.

Eggs with Sardines

Tonight, I’ve practiced simple cooking. As simple as cooking eggs with sardines. And no, not the type that have those white onions, bell peppers, spring onion, chili, and tomato that you see here. It’s as simple as having the following ingredients.

Where We Used to Be

This is where we ate the last time we delivered those pouches from your online store, and I remember how we talked about the traffic that we will be facing for driving home at 8pm. Everything is still the same. This store is still here. The traffic is still here. The only thing that has …

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Tagaytay Trip Two

It’s Marrietta Perez Bassig and Marissa Perez Bassig’s birthday today and the family had planned this trip some two weeks ago. It’s quite a long trip but not as long as our last trip to Manaoag, Pangasinan. My wife, my son, and I usually wake up late so our preparation turned out to be a …

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