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Office Callers

Someone called me at the office saying they are a representative of some health card for BDO (something like health way). I was reluctant to give my cell number, but some info I gave like my birth date, my wife’s birth date and our full names. At times when we are at the office, busy …

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Corporate Nocturnal

They strike during the weary hours of night. And battle it out through the waking hours of dawn until some monstrous projects have been subdued. Equipped with energy drinks, they clash and spell out all calls, designs, writings, and medicines just to save the one thing that motivates them to fight on… financial stability. Nightshift …

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Photo 5.

Late Entry 2009

10 months… 10 months of staggering work and confusing hearts and minds. And now, here’s a new entry for 2009. Here are a few pictures from our balcony taken on New Year’s Eve. Our neighbors’ house was very much decorated this New Year.

Spikes in the night sky.

A Terrace-tial New Year’s Eve

Like I’ve said earlier ago, I don’t celebrate New Year’s Eve. But I caught myself this night taking pictures of the fireworks display at the terrace of our house. Here are some photos of the events as it happens… All-in-all it was an exciting New Year’s Eve. I even left our terrace smiling to myself.