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Amazon font guide.

Font Units in EPUB

Doubtless, this subject has probably been answered in many EPUB discussions. Still, the question as to what font unit of measurement to use in creating an EPUB is generally unanswered. Unlike in print, the variety of font units in EPUB files is sophisticated. In my opinion, the best way to determine what font unit to …

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An Emerging Philippine Online eBookstore

Flipping through the pages of the internet (actually, surfing is the more appropriate term) I found a Philippine-based online ebookstore some months ago. Only recently have I checked back on it and discovered so many changes in their site. They look more like Amazon or O’Reilly with their new look. This Philippine online ebookstore is …

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Book Readers Are Declining

According to a recent blog in Publishing Perspectives, the book reading public is declining. This could be a bad sign for the future, even for eReading devices. But optimistically, maybe the reading public are just resting from the overload of reading materials that are very much available on the internet. It’s just a little break.