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When It’s Time to Move On

I’m not talking about the type of moving on wherein there’s no responsibility involved. We’re already married and we have a very handsome boy. But out of nowhere, the problem began. I cannot decipher how it happened or who is at fault. But I do know that it will be unresolvable through time existent.

Creating Yourself

I believe I’ve covered this story a few years back. The time that I always thought I was looking for myself. Trying to find out who I am and what I will be. Until some advertisement or some quote caught my eyes saying don’t look for yourself, create yourself or something like that. Also, my …

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The Arbitrary Calendar Event – Valentine’s Day

February 14 doesn’t catch my attention much (or maybe it did since I’m already blogging about it). The reason, it seems that Valentine’s Day is only for lovers and I, for my part, am loveless. I envy couples who will be celebrating this “special” event. That much said here’s to a happy Valentines Day to …

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