The Condemned

Just lately I’ve watched this film titled “The Condemned” starring Steve Austin and Vinnie Jones. I’m not really into wrestling or any form of violent sports. But the discipline that wrestlers have in order to be in shape astounds me, and Steve Austin is such an example.

As for the movie, I like it. In a rating of 1 to 10 (10 being the best), I give it a 6. It’s a nice film with values snipped in-between the violence. I wish to criticize the camera handling though. There were too many scenes (especially the adrenaline-pumping ones) wherein the camera seemed to be shaking violently and I couldn’t catch what was happening. It was like an earthquake was happening… all the time. In my opinion, the plot was good and the cast were great and I would recommend that you watch it just to see how man values life.

It’s a great film…

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