The Dangers of Riding Motorbikes

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Why is an automobile better than a motorbike? Can anyone argue that motorbikes are better than automobiles? When it comes to safety, I think no one can. Automobiles virtually serve as armors for those who ride it while a motorbike is an unstable two-wheeled vehicle. Of course, motorbikes can swerve through traffic with ease, but safety is compromised this way.

A few weeks ago I told my parents that I plan to buy a motorbike. They complained saying that every morning in the news they hear about motorcycle accidents along EDSA. I never argued about the issue since I myself understood what they are trying to say. Motorbikes are very dangerous road vehicles. I, too, have seen so many accidents involving bikes.

Here are some articles that may help in considering whether a motorbike ride is worth it or not…

This one’s quite gruesome; please do not look if you are weak of heart…

Don’t ever think that, as a motorbike rider, these things will not happen to you. Danger lurks on every corner when you are on the road. And the chances of living are slimmer if you have no control over everything.

Mercenario Cadag

Mercenario Cadag

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