Dunkin’ Donuts One-Day Sale Today

So my sister found out on her Facebook page that Dunkin’ Donuts is having a one-day sale today. I took the responsibility of buying the promo since I was on my way to the wet market to buy ingredients for sinigang na baboy. The promo was priced at ₱299.

Dunkin Donut box shot 1.
Dunkin Donut box.
Dunkin Donut box shot 2.
The variety.
The sweets.
The sweets.

So, did we get to save money in buying this promo? Here’s my computation.

The contents of the boxes were 12 regular assorted doughnuts and 32 assorted munchkins. One box contained 6 regular assorted doughnuts and 20 assorted munchkins while the other contained 6 regular assorted doughnuts and 12 assorted munchkins.

If 1 regular donut is worth ₱18. Then:

₱12 × 18 pcs = ₱216

If the munchkins cost ₱4 per piece, then:

₱4 × 32 pcs = ₱128

The overall total for a normal set without the promo is ₱344.So the answer is yes, we did get to save ₱45 on this promo. Not bad. Nice promo Dunkin’ Donuts.

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