How Faking It Can Lead to Success

Fake weightlifting by Bruno Glätsch

The Fake It Till You Make It maxim rose to fame back in 2016 due in part to Harvard Psychologist Amy Cuddy’s TED Talk Your Body Language May Shape Who You Are. Amy talked about how faking confidence during job interviews will help you land a job. Eventually, the concept was misinterpreted to mean faking something just to become it and even though the idea is good, it took a bad rap to people that Amy had to explain its true concept. Still, there are many examples of how faking it can lead to success.

The misinterpreted form of the Fake It Till You Make It aphorism has merits to it. There will be times you just have to pretend you know something in order to do it. And there will be times you will say you know a certain project just to get the job. But you must know the difference between faking it versus telling an utter lie. Amy Cuddy did not intend to use the Fake It Till You Make It aphorism other than for job interviews. But it is a formula that might be effective in reaching a goal which seems far-fetched for anyone who does not have the confidence to do work they have little knowledge about. Truly, at some point, faking it can lead to success.

People Who Faked It Till They Made It

There are people who have successfully used the Fake It Till You Make It maxim in their career. The following are Fake It Till You Make It examples of accomplished personalities. Let their examples be your guide on how to use this challenging maxim. A word of caution. Some of these people may have achieved success. Others may be, well, just trolling around.

Pablo Stanley

Pablo Stanley is a Mexican designer and co-hosts of a Hispanic podcast. In this awwwards YouTube video, he seriously tackles the subject on how faking it helps you to become a better designer. As a Design Lead at InVision, he himself is a creative genius.

In this video, take note and adapt some, if not most, of his knowledge and skills in creativity. Learn how he approaches productivity throughout the working day. And be inspired as he tackles techniques on how one can absolutely nail leadership.

You will learn why technical jargon is not a bad thing, how food and relaxation helps you to do more, and why being vulnerable is a sign of being a great leader. Pablo is a designer that proved faking it can lead to success.

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