Japanese Curry

Everybody loves to eat. There’s no denying that. I, in particular, am always tempted to look at pictures of well-prepared food on the internet. Now the question arises, “are we ready to cook?”.

Probably. Probably not. Probably at some time, during our free time.

Yes, during our free time. So I have this great compilation of recipes that when piled up as printed material, it could fill up an entire filing cabinet.

Just recently, I came upon this interesting recipe of Japanese curry that was posted on Facebook by Del Monte Kitchenomics. I noticed that I had no way of bookmarking the material or saving the post. I tried looking for it on the internet but the original material had a photo so dashingly tasty-looking that I just decided to embed the post here on my blog. So without further ado, here’s the embedded link for the tasty-looking Japanese curry.

Try this recipe if you’re the type that loves to cook. I’ll try to cook it next time. For the moment, I’ll ask my sister to cook it for me. 😃

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