The Malls of Makati Business District

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Yesterday, July 21, 2007.

10:35 am – I dropped off at Landmark Makati and started searching for Greenbelt 1 where I thought Powerbooks Greenbelt branch is located. When I got to Greenbelt 1, the security guard told me that Powerbooks is actually located at Greenbelt 4.

After a searing walk at the shaded passageways that link the four Greenbelts, I finally found the store. A not too attractive depot with delivery boxes exhibiting at their showrooms, Powerbooks Greenbelt is not quite the reader’s paradise like Powerbooks Megamall.

Feeling hungry, I decided to eat at a not-so-nearby KFC restaurant. It seemed to me that a few good and cheap eating places are hard to find here in Makati.

11:40 nn – Returning to Powerbooks, I asked customer service about the special treat that Transit had ready for its readers. Sadly, the service rep said she doesn’t know anything about such.

Disappointed, I just took the liberty of taking pictures of the book displays and the half finished Hogwarts Great Hall.

12:25 pm – Landmark is not any better than Powerbooks Greenbelt. While scouring around for some good finds, I never managed to find myself through the perfumery section. Landmark is small. Small enough for the management not to place any signboard telling what section you are at now.

For those who know Landmark that would be easy. But for some newbies like me, it was like feeling lost in a crowd. Well, not actually lost. I knew Landmark some years back when my mother used to take me with her helping her carry food that she sells for the store attendants in Glorietta and Greenbelt.

But I was only a kid then and was not very interested in any section of a mall. Things have changed and Landmark changed a bit. The very familiar section is the supermarket in the basement.

After buying some items there and drinking a dalandan Fruit Magic drink, I arranged to go home.

But it was not to be.

1:10 pm – On my way out I saw Glorietta 1 and feeling nostalgic, decided to watch a movie in one of the cinemas and compare it with SM cinemas.

As I entered Glorietta, the familiarity so hit me that I remembered the very corridors that I used to walk on. But I was after the cinemas this time and not food delivery.

Glorietta, like Greenbelt has four divisions, making it Gloriettas 1 to 4 respectively and obviously. I noticed the resemblance of Glorietta with Market! Market! mall, also located in Makati. They have this round, center aisle where all passageways merge.

More minutes of searching and I found the Ayala mall cinemas. Just as I expected, Ayala cinemas were not as good as SM cinemas. The air conditioning was not good, seats were small (my movement was very limited), and the place was small (I actually bumped the lady in charge of the seats, it was stark darkness in there).

4:15 pm – Vacancy was a nice movie. From 1 to 10, 10 being the best, I give it a 5.

I cannot blame any management due to the bad observations I had with some of the malls in Makati. Reason is that these malls are old compared to the younger malls like SM. I even passed SM Makati knowing that I already have an idea of what’s inside.

Maybe these old malls have something good to offer, and that I will try to find out.

One more thing, my cell phone clock is 20 minutes advance. I like it that way I guess…

Mercenario Cadag

Mercenario Cadag

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