Marvel’s Doctor Strange is a Perfect Addition to the MCU

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I’ve always been a fan of Marvel movies. From Wolverine, Spiderman, to The Avengers (Captain America is my favorite but he really disappointed me in Civil War), I tried to watch every one of them if I have enough budget. I’m no stranger to the current superhero that Marvel is showcasing this weekend. I’ve read about Doctor Strange since high school and was interested in the character not only because he uses magic but because he has a strange name. In fact, Doctor Strange is more interesting to me than Ironman. The only time I got to know more about Ironman was when its first movie came out. Doctor Strange is my second favourite Marvel character, the X-Men Gambit being the first. Suffice to say, I will be watching the Gambit movie featuring Channing Tatum, which will be showing hopefully in 2017.

Cinema schedule and price of Dr. Strange at SM Masinag.
Cinema schedule and price of Dr. Strange at SM Masinag.

To those who don’t know the character, Doctor Strange is a renowned neurosurgeon in the Marvel Universe who had a fatal car accident. In the process, his hands became incapacitated making him lose his job. In his attempt to bring back what he had lost, he ended up becoming Marvel’s Sorcerer Supreme. I won’t go into full detail about Strange in this post. I’ll just point out the portions I liked about the movie.

So my wife and I decided to watch Doctor Strange this Sunday afternoon. What I know so far is that this Doctor Strange movie should be giving another piece of the Infinity Stones, which I thought was the Reality Gem because of all those twisting and turning buildings that I’ve seen in the trailers. It turns out that it’s actually the Time Gem disguised as the Eye of Agamoto.

The movie has different characters compared to the comics. Baron Mordo was from the very start an antagonist in the comics but here he is a friend to Strange, only to have a change of heart after the ending credits. But I liked the different tone they gave the character. Jonathan Pangborn was also an interesting character that, as I found out, was not in the comics.

The movie’s concept of the mind as a powerful tool to change our current state in life reminds me of the book The Secret. As the saying goes, “what your mind can conceive, your body can achieve.” And the concept of astral was hilarious. There were a lot of funny scenes. Some of the fight scenes were dizzying especially when you’re too close to the cinema screen as in our case.

I liked the ending scene where Doctor Strange stands near the window of the New York Sanctum. He then looks at his broken watch. This new life is a far-flung difference from the one he once had as a rich neurosurgeon. From saving the lives of his patients as a doctor, he is now a Sorcerer Supreme saving the world from dimensional threats. This is the cost that Jonathan Pangborn told him about.

The warning about distracted driving at the end credits is also a great reminder for all of us to focus on the road and not on our cell phones. And that little, extreme scene has the most impact in Dr. Strange’s life and in ours.

Mercenario Cadag

Mercenario Cadag

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