My Weekend and “Day of Valor” Activities

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Today is the Philippines’ Day of Valor or Araw ng Kagitingan as we Filipinos call it. Right at this moment I’m at home wondering what the world outside is doing. Obviously, I should be going outside in order to answer that question.

Last Saturday, I went out for laundry service. I should be picking up the clothes this afternoon so I do have a reason to go out. I also watched The Babysitter and Annihilation both by Netflix last Saturday. In the evening, I tried fixing my ever so slow laptop using AdwCleaner. It eventually got a little faster. By the way, I highly recommend the products of Malwarebytes. They’re way better than Reimage PC repair which left my laptop sluggish after I’ve uninstalled it.

Sunday came uneventfully as Saturday. The typical washing of dishes and cooking a simple meal consisted of eggs, carrot, red bell pepper, tomato, onion, and garlic was the highlight of the day. I also tried making chips out of the tomato, bell pepper, and carrot. Well, I just fried them, to be honest. By nighttime, I consolidated all of my Blogger posts to my WordPress account. I had 2 blogs in Blogger. One was a personal blog titled Every Which Way, Everyday and the other The Journeyman of Publishing which was a work blog. I now placed them together in one WordPress account with the same title as the personal blog and the work blog title in the description. Of course, you are now on that WordPress blog.

In between the weekends and today, I sometimes find myself playing Pokémon Go and One Piece Treasure Cruise. I’m surprised that Pokémon Go is still active cause I haven’t been hearing much about it. One Piece Treasure Cruise on the other is not as famous as Pokémon Go. But I love the game because of its simplicity. I also love the anime.

Well, time to pick up those clothes. And will be bringing my smartphone just to hatch that Pokémon egg.

Mercenario Cadag

Mercenario Cadag

The author has been in the publishing industry since the year 2000 and has exposure in both print and digital production processes (typesetting, page layout, and eBook creation). He is an aspiring writer and shutterbug. Has an insatiable desire to learn the cosmos but mostly enjoys studying how information dissemination could help improve people’s daily lives.

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