Online Application and Payment for Philippine Birth, Marriage, Death, and CENOMAR Certificates

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To avoid the hassles of commute and long lines, apply for a birth certificate, marriage certificate, death certificate, and/or CENOMAR online via the Philippine Statistics Authority website. Their website has a Frontline Services page directing to where you can apply for these records.

PSA links to frontline services.
Philippine Statistics Authority website, Frontline Services connects to eCensus.

From the eCensus website, go to Request > Online Application. This will lead you to an Online Application > Payment > Delivery page that shows information on what needs to be entered on the online forms. Press the “Click here to request now” button to continue to Terms and Conditions page.

The eCensus main page.
eCensus main page.

Carefully read the terms and conditions page. It contains useful information and is quite short. Then press the “I Accept” button.

Terms and conditions page.
eCensus terms and conditions page.

Fill up the Contact and Delivery information (on this screenshot only, all boxes in red needs to be filled in). After submitting this form you will be redirected to a Request Summary page where you can apply for any or all of birth, marriage, death certificates, and CENOMAR.

eCensus contact and delivery information.
eCensus contact and delivery information. On this screenshot, all boxes in red are mandatory.
eCensus request summary page.
eCensus request summary page. Request for birth certificate, marriage certificate, death certificate, CENOMAR or all, filling up forms for each one.

After filling up information for the requested certificate you will be directed to an Acknowledgement page which also contains the Payment and Delivery section. As of this writing, BDO and UnionBank are the only accredited banks for payment. Pay through any of the bank’s branches, via ATM, or through online banking.

eCensus acknowledgement and payment and delivery page.
eCensus acknowledgement and payment and delivery page. Take special note of the Batch Request Number and Request Reference Number which will be used for payment.

If you choose to pay by going to the bank branch, read this for BDO branch payment instructions or this for UnionBank branch payment instructions. If you choose to go to an ATM, here’s for BDO ATM instructions. There’s no web link for the UnionBank ATM instructions but it’s probably the same as BDO.Now if you choose convenience by paying online please continue reading.

Payment through Online Banking

This section discusses payments using BDO Online. Payments using UnionBank will probably follow same procedures or visit “Payment Through UnionBank Online Banking”. The steps mentioned here are also in “Payment Through BDO Online Banking” web page even though in more detail.

BDO Payment Method

  1. Login to your BDO Online account.
  2. Click on the “Pay Bills” icon.
  3. On the Pay Bills page, select E-CENSUS (UNISYS) as the “Company/Biller”.
  4. You were given a Batch Request Number and some Request Reference Number from the Acknowledgement page. These numbers were also emailed to you. The Batch Request Number is the overall total of all the Request Reference Numbers. The Request Reference Number is a single entry of request, so if you requested for multiple certificates, each one will have a different Request Reference Number. Pay for the whole batch of certificates using the Batch Request Number or pay just one of the certificates using its matching Request Reference Number. Now in the Amount, either enter the total amount of the whole batch or the amount of a selected certificate.
  5. “Remarks” is optional.
  6. In the “Subscriber Number” either enter the Batch Request Number (pay for the whole batch) or a selected Request Reference Number (the one certificate that you wish to pay). Remove any hyphens or dashes in this entry as it causes an invalid payments error.
BDO payment details.
BDO payment details. Notice the Subscriber Number without hyphens/dashes.
  1. In the “Subscriber Name” enter the Requester’s Name found in Acknowledgement page. This is also basically your name.
  2. Confirm that all information is correct then submit and verify the success of the transaction.

Check Status of Delivery

To verify the status of your request go back to eCensus main page and enter either the Batch Request Number or a Request Reference Number in “check the status of your request” column.

Check delivery status.
Checking the delivery status of your request.

Hoping that you found this post useful. Kudos to the commenters of this blog for figuring out the Subscriber Number and Subscriber Name.

All images and contents in this post are screenshots of Philippine Statistics Authority and eCensus. Careful attention has been made to ensure no violation of rights has been committed. Contents of the post may become irrelevant to some point in time if updates to the respective websites have been made.

Editor’s Note: As of December 25, 2019, eCensus is now PSA Serbilis. Although the website name has changed, most of the processes above are still relevant.

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