Struggles of the Working Society

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Just last night I heard the news that two of our managers will be leaving for Australia. The reason, our company seemed to have let them go. I’m not aware of the full details since I was not in attendance the other night they had a meeting. It’s a sad, sad situation since I can tell for myself that they both love our company. My brother is right in telling me that I should love my work but I should never fall in love with the company. From whomever he got that principle, that person sure knows what he’s saying.

The global financial crisis is eating up every employee here in the Philippines. Just only a month ago Intel, an electronics company, shut down its Philippine branch leaving its current 1,800 employees jobless. Then FedEx, a shipment company followed suit, pulling out its Philippine hub, takes it to China, leaving behind 500 workers. Intel seemed out of option when it closed down its company since the electronics industry appears to be out of shape the last few years. But FedEx left the Philippines in search of a greener pasture, and they found it to be China. Still, some reports tell of many other companies closing down in the Philippines.

Our company, which is a BPO publishing company, is not safe in terms of the global financial crisis. Though we may have a lot of work today, we cannot predict what tomorrow will bring. And I’m sure that the working class of any kind from around the world has the same anxieties. Globalization certainly has its drawbacks.

Until we, the working society, do not find a way to become independent on our own, we will find ourselves struggling for survival for the rest of our waking lives. It’s a harsh reality, but there is always a light at the end of a tunnel.

Mercenario Cadag

Mercenario Cadag

The author has been in the publishing industry since the year 2000 and has exposure in both print and digital production processes (typesetting, page layout, and eBook creation). He is an aspiring writer and shutterbug. Has an insatiable desire to learn the cosmos but mostly enjoys studying how information dissemination could help improve people’s daily lives.

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