The 10th PayPal Freelancer Community Workshop

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The 10th PayPal Freelancer Community Workshop. Following descriptions are from the Eventbrite website.

PayPal Presents – Take the Dare: Fear-Proof Your Freelancing Journey

10th PayPal Freelancer Community Workshop on September 8, 2018!

Every Freelancer was once a Fearlancer dealing with the challenges of income security, taxation, and client projects.

Get over your key freelancing fears and learn how to become a fearless and successful freelancer with PayPal Freelancer mentor, Ginger Arboleda – serial entrepreneur, freelancer, and founder of Mommy Ginger & Manila Workshops.


  • What are the challenges to income security and how to overcome it
  • Why it’s important to pay taxes and how it can benefit you and your business
  • How to deal with tough clients and strictly manage projects


Fear #1: Income stability

  • Know how to secure finances even when projects are pending or hard to find
  • Budget management
  • Managing monthly projects and gross revenue (PayPal Financial Summary)

Fear #2: Taxation

  • Get acquainted with taxation processes that you have to comply with as a Freelancer
  • Know the business benefits and perks of paying taxes

Fear #3: Client projects

  • Discover strategies and tactics for finding and pitching to clients for new projects
  • How to manage deadlines and pressures
  • How to deal with hard clients
  • How to confront rejection from a failed presentation
  • How to set up an invoice system for recurring payments (PayPal Billing)

Here’s the YouTube video of the event. Feel free to comment. Thank you for having the time to watch and listen to this PayPal event.

10th PayPal Freelancer Community Workshop – Ginger Arboleda

Mercenario Cadag

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