The 38th Manila International Book Fair at the SMX Convention Center

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This is my first time attending this event and it puzzles me how the first 37 was never caught on my radar. Maybe I was too busy with work and life that these events came fleeting by. Nevertheless, here are some pictures on the last day of the 38th Manila International Book Fair.

Outside the venue.
Even on its last day, the event was swarmed by enthusiasts. Or maybe it’s the “Last Minute” attitude of us Filipinos kicking this time.
Video of the long snake-like queue outside the SMX Convention Center.

It took a long while before I got in but, like they say, kapag may tiyaga, may nilaga (slogan which generally means “perseverance bears fruits”).

As soon as I was inside, I took a picture of the board of Participating Companies, Exhibit Booth locations, Schedule of Events, and the Sponsors and Partners.

Participating companies.
Photo of participating companies.
Exhibit booths.
Photo of exhibit booths.
Schedule of events.
Photo of schedule of events.
Organizer, sponsors, and partners.
Photo of organizer, sponsors, and partners.

In order to get inside the Function Halls a ticket registration of ₱20 is required. It would have been great if I was a teacher because they were free to enter the event. They gave a sweet token of appreciation in the form a Lotte Pepero White Chocolate though.

Free Lotte Pepero White Chocolate.
Photo of a free Lotte Pepero White Chocolate.

The rest of the afternoon was quite uneventful.

And finally, I bought a few books for my son Michel.

Michel's books.
Photo of Michel’s books.

I will be watching out for next year’s Manila International Book Fair and hope it will be as great as this one.

Mercenario Cadag

Mercenario Cadag

The author has been in the publishing industry since the year 2000 and has exposure in both print and digital production processes (typesetting, page layout, and eBook creation). He is an aspiring writer and shutterbug. Has an insatiable desire to learn the cosmos but mostly enjoys studying how information dissemination could help improve people’s daily lives.

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