The Sun Life Financial Independence Training (June 21, 2014 ­– World Trade Center)

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Recently, Sun Life Financial Philippines, Inc. declared June as Financial Independence Month. In celebration of this, they’ve conducted a Financial Independence Training seminar last June 21 where my wife and I were able to attend. The seminar was entitled Money for a Brighter Life – How to Achieve Financial Independence. They had four Financial Gurus as speakers, namely Mylene Lopa, Sun Life Chief Marketing Officer, Riza Mantaring, President and CEO of Sun Life Financial Philippines, Inc., Randell Tiongson, a Personal Finance expert (a registered financial planner), and Marvin Germo, a Stock Trading/Finance expert (also a registered financial planner).

Unfortunately, I wasn’t quick enough to jut down Mylene Lopa’s talk, but after her onstage presence, I took out my pen and age-old notebook because I was convinced that this seminar is going to be great and needs to be remembered.

Riza Mantaring talked about the present state of the Philippines asserting that the country is in a very good condition. She mentioned that there’s a strong U.S. dollar inflow coming from OFW remittances and BPO revenues. Here are some articles online to back up her claims…

Riza also stated that The Philippines is in a good investment grade rating and this is the perfect opportunity to invest for great value. To back that up again, here are some online articles…

According to Riza, this all means that there’s a great opportunity during these times, but preparation is needed in order to gain good fortune.

Riza also talked about building and protecting wealth and preserving and transferring wealth. She discussed wealth accumulation through mutual funds, income and wealth protection through life insurance, and the role of a financial advisor. Riza’s talk gave a positive light to the present situation of the country, despite so many negative reports we read and watch in the media.

After Riza, Randell Tiongson came on stage and gave the audience quite a lively discourse. He talked about the saving and spending practice of many Filipinos and how it compares to our fellow Southeast Asian neighbors (showcasing that Filipinos are more of spenders than savers, which is a bad thing of course). He talked about budgeting and becoming debt free. He wrote the book No Nonsense Personal Finance which he offered during the lecture.

Randell Tiongson is a very energetic speaker, inviting the audience to participate while he pulled remarkable jokes in between serious subjects. A rather religious person who quoted many phrases from the Bible, you can listen to Randell on Money Talks, 103.5 Lite FM, and you can read his written articles on Money Matters of the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

Marvin Germo, a Stock Trader/Financial expert got me interested because the stock market captivates me. He mentioned about building on the foundation of any goal, saying how the foundation is so ugly yet when everything is finally done, how beautiful the resulting building has become. He mentioned the importance of investment goals rather than the investment itself. Marvin also has a book Stock Smarts: Stock Investing Made Easy which he also offered after his lecture.

Now Marvin is also an active commentator in the Facebook group Investing in the Philippines Stock Market – Tips and Tricks and provides excellent ideas about the current market situation.

The seminar has delivered so much. My wife Maila and I were grateful that Ruel Mosqueda, our financial advisor invited us to this event. So what were our key getaways from the event? We came to the idea that we need to plan for our future, most especially for our son Michel. That we need to have a clear budget, and that, the time is now for us to make a move in giving ourselves a bright future.

Oh, and my wife also got away with a Sun Life watch. She won it in one of the raffles. 🙂

If you are interested about Financial Independence or Financial Stability, try to talk to a Sun Life Financial Advisor, or any Financial Advisor for that matter. This is not a marketing pitch. This is a recommendation from someone who is finally realizing the worth of financial planning. 🙂

Mercenario Cadag

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