Where Tooth Problems May Lead To

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MetroDental Promo.
MetroDental Promo.

Last week, my sister Debie gave me some vouchers from MetroDental. They have a first visit promo of dental consultation + dental cleaning for only ₱600 per person. This reminded me of an experience from a long time ago.

When I was a kid, we had a neighbour who had teenage sons that had sparkling pearly whites. He would brag to my father about how he takes care of his children’s teeth and that having a great set of teeth is a treasure on its own.

These words could not have been any truer than when the time I had an infection in college. My skin became sensitive to touch and I had to go to the doctors of Jose Reyes Memorial Medical Center just to find out what was wrong. At first, the doctors cannot figure out what was causing the infection. Fortunately, one doctor had the idea of asking me if I had any tooth problems, to which I replied that my left fang tooth (canine tooth) hurts every time I use it for biting.

I was then told to check with a dentist and resolve the tooth problem first and see if any improvements might happen.It turns out that I had a longstanding abscess in my fang tooth. The dentist asked me if I wanted a tooth extraction to which I said yes. She then asked if I wanted to take antibiotics before pulling the tooth out. I wanted it extracted immediately. She suggested that I take antibiotics first because the canine is a large tooth that connects a lot of nerves.

If she pulls the tooth in a wrong way, I might have nerve problems. But the pain I felt was stronger than any worries of nerve problems, so I told her to go for it. As soon as she pulled out the canine tooth, I felt a surge of relief that is unfathomably memorable even to this day. After the tooth extraction, my infection disappeared completely.

Do You Have an Abscessed Tooth? Symptoms and Treatment Info Here

An abscess is an infection in or around the root of the tooth which may or may not be painful Learn more about abscessed teeth

A Tooth Could Mean a Life

That experience I had in college could have been avoided if I had observed proper oral hygiene. Oral prophylaxis could also have helped in preventing such an infection.

Oral Prophylaxis [pro″fĭ-lak´sis]

dental prophylaxis oral prophylaxis.

oral prophylaxis cleaning of the teeth by a dentist or dental hygienist, including removal of plaque, materia alba, calculus, and extrinsic stains; done as a preventive measure for control of gingivitis. Called also dental prophylaxis.

‒ Miller-Keane Encyclopedia and Dictionary of Medicine, Nursing, and Allied Health, Seventh Edition. © 2003 by Saunders, an imprint of Elsevier, Inc. All rights reserved.

If not for that one doctor who asked me if I had any tooth problems, the other doctors may have had a hard time finding the culprit. I might have gone to countless tests. Scouring the internet shows I was not the only one who had been in that predicament.

Just recently, a 26-year old Californian dad died because of tooth infection. Sadly, this father left two daughters behind. Although the report said that the man did have his tooth cleaned and had antibiotics, he was having the toothache some weeks back, and the antibiotics did not help.

Tooth infection leads to 26-year-old California dad’s death

A California long-haul trucker died early Monday after a tooth infection spread to his lungs, Fox 40 reported. Vadim Kondratyuk Anatoliyevich, 26, was the father of two small children. He started to complain of a toothache a few weeks ago, before a drive to New York.

Another recent incident is about a mom who nearly died from tooth abscess complications. This mom needed nearly 12 hours of open heart surgery when the pus in her gum led to blood poisoning and endocarditis, an inflammation of the heart valves.

Mum who nearly died from tooth abscess was on dentist waiting list for TWO YEARS

SURVIVED BY SKIN OF HER TEETH Helen Bolton needed nearly 12 house of open-heart surgery after an abscess on her gum led to blood poisoning A MUM who has waited two years to register with an NHS dentist nearly died when an untreated minor tooth problem triggered a potentially fatal heart infection.

Sicknesses That May Be Caused by Tooth Problems

A study by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) show that tooth problems may cause cardiovascular disease, bacterial pneumonia, diabetes, and low birth weight. Another online article shows a list of published case reports of disease states related to oral infections.


Oral Infections and Root Canal Treatment

Maxillary sinusitisEndocarditis
Cavernous Sinus thrombosisSepticemia
Pharyngeal CellulitisMyocardial Infection
Cardiac ProblemsDeuodenal Ulcers
Necrotising FascititisSplenic Abscess
Necrotising MediastinitisLeg abscess
Superior Orbital Fissure SyndromeBlood disorders
ProptosisImmune reactions
OpthalmoplegiaInflammatory Bowel Disease
Light Reflex InterferenceLow birth weight
Lung AbscessToxic Shock
Aspiration PneumoniaArthritis
Brain AbscessRheumatic changes
MeningitisInfection of artificial joint prosthesis
Acute HemiplagiaKidney Damage
Psychotic episodesBrain Tumors
Metastatic Paraspinal AbscessTrigeminal Neuralgia
Gasarion GanglionAtypical Facial Pain
Trigeminal Neuralgia

This is an extensive list, and honestly I do not have the slightest idea what most of these diseases are. What is important is for us to prevent any of these disease states from happening. It is therefore tantamount that if we notice any problem in our mouth, we must have it checked immediately.

Begin A Habit of Dental Hygiene

When was the last time you brushed your teeth? The American Dental Association recommends brushing our teeth twice a day. When was the last time you had a dental cleaning? If the answer is never, better start now. We must not take for granted the health of our teeth and gums. If we exercise for our health, well so should we put emphasis in brushing our teeth regularly and have dental cleaning every six months.

We sometimes assume dental cleaning is not necessary. For most of us, we would think that going to the dentist is a waste of time and money. But would you wait for something to go wrong before you go to the dentist? If we do not know the dangers of undetected tooth problems, all the more reason for us take better care of our teeth and gums. Prevention is always better than cure. We may never know the troubles a simple tooth problem may cause.

Now, if you are anywhere in Makati or near Makati (Philippines), may I suggest MetroDental in Paseo Center since they are offering a first visit promo of dental consultation + dental cleaning for only ₱600. This is a good offer since the price of oral prophylaxis in most dental clinics ranges from ₱900 to ₱2,000 and that does not include dental consultation yet. You may visit MetroDental at Paseo Center Makati, Level 3. Contact number 0917 565 0412. This MetroDental promo will last until July 15, 2017.

MetroDental Promo card.
MetroDental Promo card.

Give your teeth and gums a favor by having dental cleaning today. Your treasured pearly whites will surely thank you for it.

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