Where We Used to Be

This is where we ate the last time we delivered those pouches from your online store, and I remember how we talked about the traffic that we will be facing for driving home at 8pm. Everything is still the same. This store is still here. The traffic is still here.

Dunkin Donuts, Dela Rosa Car Park 1.
Dunkin Donut shop at Dela Rosa Car Park 1, Dela Rosa Street. We were here more than 6 months ago.

The only thing that has changed is you. Your seat is empty now. And I eat alone still not knowing why you’ve changed.

Table for two for only me.
This is where we used to be. Now there’s only me.

I can’t change your mind. I already tried so many times. And the more I try the more I see that there’s really no way to bring things back.

You’ve changed. And I can’t change that. I wish I could easily do the same.

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