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Are you interested in making money during your free time? You can consider online surveys. But joining online surveys that don’t pay is a hassle. That’s why in late 2015, I hunted for legitimate surveys online and found out that YouGov is a legit online survey. Currently, I do online surveys for three organizations namely AIP, YouGov, and Viewfruit. I was able to finish the required points on YouGov first.

Upon reaching 5,000 points on YouGov, you will have three redeem options to choose from. Redeem for 2500 Air Asia BIG points, cash out for 25 Singapore dollars, or donate to UNICEF.

Redeem options.
Three redeem options upon reaching 5,000 points on YouGov surveys.

I was able to reach 5,000 points on December 14, 2017 and tried cashing out SG$25. I sent it to my PayPal account. After receiving an email confirmation stating that I will receive the payment within 30 days, I began to wait.

Then on January 7, 2018 I received a payment of SG$26.70 to my PayPal account.

Cash out received from YouGov.
Cash out received from YouGov.

PayPal had a recipient fee of SG$1.67 so I ended up with SG$25.03.

Payment through PayPal.

To conclude, YouGov is a legit online survey site that pays. Final note, I started YouGov last March 2017 and got to 5,000 points on December 14, 2017. They send two to three surveys per week depending on how you set your preferences when you join their surveys.

If you would like to earn extra during your free time try YouGov online surveys. I’m proof enough that they are legitimate. Click this link to their website.

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